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Adopting a child is one of the most selfless, special things a person can do. If you’re considering adoption here in the state of Louisiana, continue reading and reach out to an experienced Monroe, Louisiana adoption lawyer from Breithaupt, DuBos & Wolleson today to learn more.

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Over the years, we’ve helped many families grow through adoption, and we’d love to help you as well. Adoption is a wonderful thing to do, but it can be quite an involved process. For this reason, it’s always best to have a competent Monroe, Louisiana family law attorney in your corner who can help ensure the process moves along as smoothly as possible.

Different Types of Adoption Available in Louisiana

Here in Louisiana, couples may take several routes when adopting a child. Just some of the most common types of adoption here in Louisiana are as follows:

  • Adoption through agencies: Perhaps the most common type of adoption in Louisiana is adoption through an agency. You may adopt a child either through a public or a private agency. In most cases, public agencies hold minors who have come into custody of the state either due to abusive households, the loss of both parents, or abandonment by both parents, among other scenarios.
  • Open adoptions: These are a type of independent adoptions wherein both the child’s biological parents and the child’s adoptive parents agree that the child can remain in contact with and visit their biological parents.
  • International adoptions: Many parents in Louisiana choose to adopt a child internationally, which means they’re taking legal custody of a minor who is a citizen of another country. In many cases, international adoptions will require several visits to and from the child’s country of origin, among other steps. Though international adoptions are often very involved, they are nonetheless extremely rewarding for both the parents and the child.
  • Same-sex parent adoptions: Here in Louisiana, same-sex couples do have the right to adopt a child. Our firm would be happy to walk you through the process.
  • Stepparent adoptions: It’s not uncommon for stepparents to adopt children their spouse had with a previous spouse or partner. There are several reasons for this, including wanting to ensure the children are entitled to inheritance rights, or even simply to solidify and make official the bond they share as parents and children.
  • Kinship adoptions: Kinship adoptions often arise when a child’s biological parents cannot raise them. This may be due to them passing away, having substance abuse issues, mental health issues, or being in prison. That said, in these cases, a relative, such as a grandmother, may adopt the child and become that child’s custodial guardian.

Contact a Monroe Adoption Lawyer Today

If you think adoption is right for you or you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a compassionate adoption lawyer from Breithaupt, DuBos & Wolleson today. We’re here to help you explore your options and guide you through each step of the process ahead.

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