I Have a Meeting With a Divorce Attorney. What Do I Need to Bring?

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Those going through a divorce will often do everything possible to speed up the process. Though it can be complex and lengthy, preparing can help ensure your divorce is less overwhelming and chaotic. When going to a consultation with a divorce attorney, showing up prepared is essential. If you have a meeting with a Monroe, Louisiana divorce lawyer, understanding what documents you should bring can help the process go more smoothly. Keep reading to learn how you can better prepare for your consultation.

What Papers Should I Give My Divorce Attorney?

When meeting a divorce attorney, the most important thing you should bring is your marriage license. This ensures your attorney can analyze the document to ensure your marriage is legally binding before proceeding with the divorce.

If you have been served divorce papers, be sure to bring those documents with you, as the petition will contain information about what your spouse is asking for in regard to child custody and marital property.

Next, you’ll want to compile a list of your financial documents and information regarding property. Be sure to bring information about all assets, regardless of whether or not they are jointly or individually owned. This is vital when distributing your assets between you and your spouse. You’ll need to bring your bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs, loan agreements, and financial information for your business. If there is any debt, whether from medical expenses or credit cards, you must bring the statements, as debt is also distributed.

You should also bring any information regarding the value of property like jewelry and paintings, as these are also subject to distribution. Finally, bringing any deeds, mortgage information, and car titles is vital as these will be distributed during the divorce.

What Else Can I Do to Prepare?

In addition to bringing the aforementioned documents, there are additional steps you can take to prepare for your meeting. This includes bringing your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, as this will influence the distribution of assets during your divorce.

If your spouse has been aggressive or threatening towards you, any evidence you have can be beneficial. Be sure to show your attorney any text messages or emails that are vulgar or abusive.

Finally, you’ll want to bring a list of questions or concerns you have. Your initial meeting with your attorney can provide an overwhelming amount of information, which can make you forget to ask about any concerns you had regarding your circumstances.

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