What Are the Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents in Louisiana?

18-wheeler on the road

18-Wheelers are some of the nation’s most essential means of transporting, as they carry produce, paper goods, and many other goods across the United States. However, the sheer size of these vehicles makes them extremely dangerous when involved in an accident. If you were injured by a tractor-trailer, understanding how to proceed is crucial. Keep reading to learn about how 18-wheeler accidents happen and why a Monroe, Louisiana truck accident lawyer should be one of the first people you contact following the crash.

How Do 18-Wheeler Accidents Happen?

There are several reasons that 18-wheeler accidents occur, with many different parties potentially at fault for the injuries and damage that occur.

Many accidents occur as a result of driver error or negligence. Unfortunately, driving a truck is challenging, and many drivers can become distracted or drowsy. Similarly, drivers may not pay attention to crucial signs about decreasing speed for an upcoming corner or shifting into a lower gear before a decline. As a result, they may lose control of the truck, which can lead to severe injuries.

However, drivers are not the only people to blame. In some cases, they are as much a victim as the others injured on the road. This is because the logistic shipping company may overload and fail to properly secure cargo in the trailer of the truck, which can impact the balance of the trailer. If this is the case, the shipping company may be held responsible for their negligence.

The company that employs the driver may also be liable if they are found breaking the rules and forcing drivers to work more than the law allows. To prevent drivers from falling asleep, there are strict guidelines dictating how long a driver can spend on the road before they need to rest. If an employer forces a driver to fabricate this number to spend more hours on the road for increased productivity, the company can be held responsible if drowsy driving is at play.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured?

If injured in a truck accident, the most essential thing you should do is call emergency services. This allows you to request a police presence and medical services to treat the wounds you sustained.

Once you receive medical attention, if you are physically able, you should take as many photos and videos of the scene as possible. Doing so allows you to collect necessary evidence of the damage sustained, which can help when filing a lawsuit.

When you return home following the accident, you’ll want to call Breithaupt, DuBos, & Wolleson immediately. Our dedicated legal team can help you get the compensation you deserve for medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering following an 18-wheeler accident. Contact us today to get started.

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