What Should I Know About Car Accidents During Memorial Day Weekend?

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For many, Memorial Day is a bittersweet holiday. Founded to remember, honor, and celebrate those who have passed while serving in the United States armed forces, this day is often accompanied by parades, picnics, and fireworks. However, there is also an increase in car accidents during Memorial Day weekend, leading some to trade barbeques for broken bones and bruises. Keep reading to learn more about why this is, and discover how a Monroe, Louisiana car accident lawyer can help if you’ve been injured.

Are There More Car Accidents During Memorial Day Weekend?

Unfortunately, Memorial Day weekend sees the highest number of collisions than other holiday weekends. One of the main reasons this occurs is because this holiday signifies the start of the summer for many. Falling on the last Monday in May, this three-day weekend allows people the opportunity to relax and spend time with friends. As such, there is an influx of drivers on the road traveling to picnics, festivals, and pools.

When you consider the increased number of drivers on the road, it is already more likely that more accidents will occur. However, when you take the fact that many will have a few drinks this weekend, it makes it statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.

How Can I Protect Myself?

Though you cannot control the actions of others, it’s crucial to do what you can to protect yourself and the passengers in your vehicle when traveling over Memorial Day Weekend.

Be sure to give yourself extra time when driving, as there will likely be a considerable amount of traffic. As such, you’ll want to remain as patient as possible, engaging in defensive driving.

If you notice someone driving erratically or they appear as though they are under the influence, try to move as far away from them as possible before notifying emergency services.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured?

Though you’ll do everything in your power to drive carefully during this dangerous time, another driver may not share the same safety-oriented mindset. As a result, you may be involved in a collision on your way to or from a barbeque, parade, or fireworks display.

The first thing you should do is contact emergency services, as they can provide medical attention for the injuries you have sustained. Similarly, if the driver is intoxicated, the police will complete a report and charge the driver with a DUI offense.

Finally, you’ll want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney from Breithaupt, DuBos, & Wolleson, LLC. Our dedicated team can help you navigate the process of pursuing financial compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. Reach out today to discuss the details of your case with a member of our firm.

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